Mr. Arnold is patient and kind with my children, and since he follows the Suzuki method, with us as parent participants. I have commended him to other violin teachers and recommended him to parents of children in my class. He is not only knowledgeable and adept as an instructor, he’s also really cool! He can play Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner on the electric violin as well as he plays a classic concerto. We’re so thankful we found him for our children's musical education!
-Melissa Kelly, Montessori Elementary teacher

My daughter, Alia, has always demonstrated a love for and interest in music. Alia started taking violin lessons with Stephen Arnold in 2009 when she was just five years old. Teaching anything to a five year old is not an easy task considering attention span and energy level. However, Stephen’s patience and easy going nature have kept my daughter engaged and interested. Although the Suzuki Method and classical music are the focus of my daughter’s lessons, Stephen customizes her lessons based on her own musical preference. Stephen incorporates songs of her choice and then teaches music technique and theory using these songs. I would highly recommend Stephen Arnold to anyone looking for a quality music instructor. Nora Rodermel

"Our daughter was immediately comfortable with Mr. Arnold, and she has loved her lessons from the first day."

Stephen Arnold is an extraordinary instructor. He is encouraging, kind and caring and has found the delicate balance between being a friend and a mentor. My daughter, Janie, began the violin when she was eight years old. It has been fun watching her blossom under the positive guidance of Stephen. He has helped her develop a love of music. And in turn, music has taught her responsibility, discipline and an appreciation for the performing arts. I highly recommend Stephen as a violin instructor! Amy RessaStephen Arnold is a virtuoso. Both our daughters Mia and Emma started viola lessons and instantly latched on to his teaching style, repetition with encouragement. He goes beyond the Suzuki format with a style that encourages learning and improvement. The recitals he produces are encouragement for parents and students alike. I would reccommend Mr. Arnold to anyone that is ready for the arts
Donnie and Rosie Ford